How to Play Golf: Tips for Beginners

Golf is a sport that we all know, mainly because we have seen hundreds of movie and television show protagonists in scenes where they practice this sport. But do you really know how to play golf? Probably, if you have never practiced this sport, your answer will be no, because golf is actually a great unknown about which numerous false myths also circulate. That’s why, if you’re thinking of starting to play golf, or if you’re simply interested in knowing how to play golf, these tips for beginners that we offer you from Golf Los Palos will come in handy.

How to Play Golf?

Golf is a sport that can be practiced at any age, and regardless of physical fitness, as the player sets their own pace. The game consists of getting a small ball into different holes distributed throughout the golf course, using various types of clubs, with the fewest number of strokes. In an 18-hole game, players can walk an average of 3 to 8 kilometers, depending on the golf course. So far, the basic mechanics of golf, but before starting to practice golf, you should know some rules of the game and the basic terminology of this sport.

How many holes does a golf course have?

Usually, a golf course has 9 or 18 holes. In golf, the term “hole” refers to both the hole in the ground where the ball must enter and the route made to the hole from the starting point of the game, called the tee. The location of the holes is called the green, which is a perfectly manicured green area.

How many types of golf clubs can be used in a game?

There are four types of golf clubs: woods, irons, putters, and hybrids. Each type of golf club has different numbers depending on the launch distance they allow. Currently, the rules of this sport establish that for a game, players cannot carry more than 14 clubs, although you won’t need to use that many to start playing. You can start with an iron 7 or 8 until you settle your swing, which will determine the types of clubs that suit your game best.

But what is the swing? It is the movement made when hitting a golf shot. It is a very complex movement that seeks to maximize the speed of the clubhead at the moment of hitting the ball to achieve maximum distance. The swing requires a lot of precision and control of force, so it usually takes a lot of practice before achieving good shots. So here’s the best advice you’ll get for playing golf: have a lot of patience.

Cómo se juega al golf

The Handicap in Golf

You’ve probably heard a lot about golf players’ handicap. It is a number obtained by subtracting the number of strokes you need to complete all the holes on the course at par. The par of the course is the total number of strokes that a player is expected to make on a specific course and is equivalent to the sum of the pars of all the holes on the course. Most golf courses range between PAR 54 and PAR 72.

Precisely, one of the aspects that golfers often like the most is that it is a sport in which in each game, whether playing against an opponent or not, you face yourself to improve your handicap.

With these key points on how to play golf, you now have the basic concepts you need to start in this sport, which is gaining more and more enthusiasts. Don’t forget that when you start, you shouldn’t get frustrated, as the first shots never go well. Just practice, practice, practice, and enjoy.