How to make a good golf swing

At Golf Los Palos, as experts in golf techniques, we are going to show you in this article the best advice and tips to achieve a good golf swing. With time and passion for this sport, you will become a great golfer. 

Here are some tips for making a good golf swing:.

Improve your grip 

The grip is what connects the golf club to the rest of your swing. The position of the golf club at the moment of impact is the primary factor that determines the straightness of golf shots. Working backward, your grip on the golf club has the greatest influence on your ability to play great golf. 

Left hand to control the direction 

Continuing with the first golf tip, once you have perfected your grip, you can use the back of your left hand to control the clubface and the direction of the shot. 

When executing the golf swings, try to aim with the back of your left hand to the left of your target. This will help you close the clubface and draw the ball. 

Many great golfers try to keep the back of their left hand pointing towards their target for as long as possible after impact. This keeps the clubface aimed at the target and can aid in accuracy. 

Improve your posture to achieve a great golf swing 

Many golfers struggle to consistently hit the ball in the center of the clubface, often due to poor body posture. Good posture in a golf swing places the body in a balanced position. From there, you can freely rotate and maintain balance throughout the golf swing. 

When taking a shot, position yourself in a balanced stance, with the ball placed in the center of the clubface. From here, all you need to do is maintain balance until the end of your golf swing.

Hit down with your iron golf club 

This tip is one of the most challenging for amateur golfers who think they must always lift the ball into the air. Great golfers strike the ball down with their irons and let the loft of the golf club do the work. Golf iron clubs are specifically designed to be used this way. Strike down and let the golf club’s loft help the ball rise into the air. 

Time your swing 

Many golfers struggle to move the club quickly or with balance. Count the seconds for the extended movements in the swing. The first second to start the swing, the second when the backswing occurs, the third at the moment of the swing, and the fourth when you regain balance. 

Give room for error 

Beginner golfers often aim straight down the fairways and target the flag on the green they are playing. 

In contrast, professionals tend to favor one side of the fairway and leave extra space for their mishits. 

To achieve better scores, try to plan each shot, consider where you can and cannot afford to make mistakes, and choose a target that offers you the best chances of a good result. 

Choose a clear target 

Beginner golfers often like to think a lot about their golf swing and very little about their actual target. This makes the brain focus much more on making a good golf swing and much less on where the swing will send the ball. 

At Golf Los Palos, we hope these tips are helpful to you, and you can refine your technique. Book your class now and put these new skills into practice.