Environmental responsibility


Since its creation in 1994, the  Los Palos Golf in Tenerife has believed that it is necessary to go together with good environmental actions.

Aware from the beginning of safeguarding the environment in which it is located, a series of environmentally responsible measures have been implemented.

Golf Los Palos has compiled the actions undertaken in the facilities giving an idea of the effort made to achieve the objectives that at the time were set out in the policy and action plan to obtain the Biosphere Golf certificate.

  • We use products with environmental guarantee
  • Reduction of light pollution with the use of energy-saving lamps and lights that do not focus on the sky
  • We purify our water and irrigate with recycled water
  • We save water and energy
  • We take measures to protect native and foreign fauna
  • We integrate our native flora
  • We apply a policy of socio-cultural integration
  • We contribute to greater environmental education

Golf enthusiasts, usually nature lovers, will be able to learn about the course and its relationship with the natural environment by looking at the information panels (each one is presented in colour) how it preserves and shelters varieties of wildlife.

A good environmental communication is not such if it is not accompanied by attractive information and supports. There are some things you can do:

Set out in the policy and action plan for obtaining the Biosphere Golf certificate.

  • Respect the signs of the birds’ refuge
  • Plants must not be uprooted or trampled
  • Recycle waste in appropriate containers
  • Reuse instead of throwing away
  • Reduce the use of packaging
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