How Many Lessons Are Needed to Learn to Play Golf?

How Many Lessons Are Needed to Learn to Play Golf?

If you’ve come this far, it means you’re thinking about starting to play golf. Great! Golf is an incredible sport that allows you to exercise (more than you might imagine) while being in contact with nature, and also, at the same time, spend a great time with your friends or even meet new people and make friends. In our golf course in Tenerife, there is always a good atmosphere, and also, due to its gentle topography, it is ideal for beginners. You are more than invited!

How Many Lessons Are Needed to Learn to Play Golf?

In reality, you already know that there is no exact answer to this question, because it will depend on many factors, such as the player’s skill, the teacher’s ability to teach the main golf techniques, or the practice time dedicated between each lesson. What we can tell you for sure is that to start mastering golf enough to play a game, you will need a lot of patience and a lot of practice.

The most normal thing is that the first time you pick up a golf club, you won’t even hit the ball. Not the first or second time. It’s not as easy as it may seem. You will need some guidance from a golf player and many attempts. But the first time you hit the ball, it will be special, and from there, you won’t be able to stop. Golf will have caught you.

aprender a jugar al golfDo You Need a Teacher to Start Playing Golf?

If you are thinking of starting to play golf on your own, following a couple of tips from a friend who already plays, for example, you can do it. But you should know that this way, it will take you infinitely more time to perfect your game.

The most advisable thing is to look for a nearby golf course and a teacher who gives you personalized lessons. You can start by hiring a 30-minute individual lesson. And, if after that first lesson, you consider that you like the game, that you feel comfortable with the teacher, and that practicing your swing is your thing, you can consider hiring hour-long sessions or even some courses.

The Los Palos Golf School

At our Golf School, professional players who master all the techniques of this sport teach both residents and people on vacation in Tenerife, individual and group lessons that adapt to the needs of each type of player.

Our teachers are endorsed by belonging to the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) and have extensive experience in teaching golf for beginners. In addition, all our facilities are perfect for players who are starting in this sport, as we have everything necessary for the practice of golf: Long and short game area, Chipping Green with Bunker, and Putting Green. Even some classes, depending on the level reached by the students, may include going out to our 9 or 18-hole course to improve their game.

And, to finish, we want to give you one last piece of advice: If you have decided to start playing golf, we recommend that you find a good playing partner, because golf, despite being a sport where one plays against oneself, is not a sport to practice alone. It will be much more fun and you will be more encouraged to practice it if you do it with another person.

Hit the Balls!