What does it take to start playing golf?

Do you want to start playing golf? We understand, because it’s a wonderful sport that combines moderate physical exercise in contact with nature with the bonus of being a very social activity. And if you want to play golf in Tenerife, with the wonderful climate we have, it will undoubtedly be a pleasure. But, what do you need to start playing golf?

In a previous post, we already explained how to play golf and the basic concepts that must be known before starting to hit balls so as not to get lost at the beginning of practicing this sport. And today we are going to talk to you about something equally important: the equipment you will need to start playing. But don’t be scared, you won’t need too much to start.

How to dress for golf

The most important thing for playing golf is that you are comfortable. But, like all sports, golf has appropriate attire to be practiced. In many golf courses, there is a dress code regarding how to dress to play, so we recommend that you inform yourself in advance. In this sense, at Los Palos Golf Center we believe that in golf, no matter how informal the meeting is, the dress code should be respected. Some of the garments prohibited on our golf course are swimsuits, sports pants, open shoes (sandals) that are not special for playing golf, and in the case of gentlemen, sleeveless shirts.

Regarding footwear, if you are going to play golf in Tenerife, you must take into account that the Canary Islands Golf Courses Association has decided to eliminate the use of metal spike shoes on all the courses of the islands. For this reason, we recommend not bringing this type of footwear. Although if you do not have another type of shoes, in our field we have a spike change service at your disposal.

Types of golf clubs

If you have already been informing yourself about what you need to start playing golf, you will have noticed that there is a wide variety of types of golf clubs. But for now, don’t worry about that, because to start you will only need one. And if they can lend it to you or you can rent it, so much the better, because golf clubs are something very personal that will depend a lot on your type of game and in your beginnings as a golfer you will not yet know what your type of game is.

Normally, to start, the use of a 7 or 8 iron is recommended, which are mainly used in approach shots and are ideal for practicing your swing. Once your swing is settled, it will be time to decide which golf clubs are best suited to your game. In our field, you can rent the material you need to start and then, you can test which clubs are best suited to your game in our Fitting facility.

The types of golf clubs we find are differentiated based on the use of each of them. It is important to know this use to choose the club with the right characteristics:

  • Golf clubs made of wood: They are used for long-distance shots, which require strength and power.
  • Golf clubs made of iron: They are used for intermediate or approach shots towards the hole.
  • Hybrids: The most used by the professional circle. It provides the characteristics that a wood and iron golf club can give you.
  • Wedges: These are the clubs whose main characteristic is the degree of inclination. There are several types of wedges depending on the degree of inclination of the club head or the type of use given to it. For example, getting the ball out of a sand bunker. The types of wedges are pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.
  • Putter: It is mainly used to push the ball inside the green for the final hit.

Buggy or on foot?

The buggy, that four-wheeled motorized vehicle seen on golf courses, can sometimes be essential for moving around courses with large slopes or long distances between holes. This is not the case for our playing field, which has very gentle topography. In any case, whether to use a buggy or make the journey on foot will always depend on the physical condition of each player.

As you can see, to start playing golf you won’t need too much, just the desire to practice and have fun in contact with nature and, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, patience, a lot of patience.

Do you feel like coming to play golf?