Here are the differences between golf and minigolf.

It’s impossible not to adore playing golf in Tenerife. The climate of mild temperatures, beautiful landscapes, and low wind allows enjoying this sport every day of the year in very pleasant surroundings. That’s the reason why so many enthusiasts of this activity prefer the Los Palos Golf Course. However, many people choose to engage in a derivative of conventional golf: minigolf. But, how do they differ?

Basic Difference

There is a basic and evident difference: the practice of minigolf takes place on a much smaller scale, both in terms of the area and the characteristics of the active course. So, in many ways, it is a miniature version of golf, although it also has its own rules.

Playing golf in Tenerife means being on a natural grass course outdoors, on very extensive surfaces that don’t always adhere to the same standard. If you love this type of setting, you need to experience the Los Palos Golf Course.

Open Field and Limitless

In minigolf, everything revolves around the putting aspect on the green. In other words, the key is to hit the ball until it goes into the hole, in a much smaller area with walls around the holes that prevent the ball from leaving the path.

With golf, you’re in an open field without limitations. In this case, to put a ball into the holes, you must use a set of slightly different clubs, as their heads have different angles, as well as their respective shafts.

And that’s precisely one of the great attractions of golf: when the degrees of incline are lower, the length of the shaft must be greater, implying that the ball will travel a longer distance. Everything happens on a course that dominates an extensive surface, where there are between 9 and 18 holes that make up paths of great interest.

The Great Benefits

An advantage of golf over minigolf is the multitude of benefits it provides to your health, not only physically but also mentally. Besides being a sport of moderate intensity, it involves an element that promotes socialization, which is why it gains more followers each day.

  • It’s a sport that, despite being low-impact, is highly comprehensive. But even more importantly, you can play it at any age and without needing to be in extraordinary physical shape.
  • A compelling testament to how beneficial golf can be for your health is that in just a single game, you can walk several kilometers over 2 to 4 hours, resulting in burning around 1200 calories and undergoing fantastic cardiovascular training.
  • Regarding the movements you need to make to strike the ball, it has been proven that they promote flexibility and tone the muscles of your arms, chest, back, and abdomen, with minimal risk of injuries.
  • But your mind also benefits from playing golf, as practicing outdoors provides significant relaxation and a sense of well-being, which serves as a powerful tool against stress.
  • On the other hand, your mental health also receives a boost when making good golf shots requires you to employ your maximum concentration capacity.
  • Your self-esteem and mood are also elevated when playing golf because it’s a sport that instills great confidence, reduces anxiety, and, to top it off, fosters social connections.

The Most Sought-After Alternative

Golf tourists and travelers in general have a myriad of places to play minigolf in the coastal cities of Spain, including, of course, Barcelona or Murcia, as well as Cantabria or Malaga.

However, when it comes to golf, without a doubt, Tenerife is the most sought-after alternative, and there, the Los Palos Golf Course stands out as one of the most intriguing, especially due to its accompanying range of leisure options, beaches, and, of course, an extraordinary terrain where you’ll have the best of times, whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

A space for both long and short play, with a chipping green with a bunker and also a putting green. You can find everything you need at our facilities, whether you’re just starting to play golf or want to improve all your skills, because we have a Golf School with top-level PGA experts.

No matter if you have previous experience in this sport, at Los Palos, both group and individual lessons are tailored to your requirements and will make you enjoy more and more as you keep playing.

A Gathering Place

Golf Los Palos has been designed with everything that this sport encompasses as a socializing element among participants in mind. That’s why, more than just a course, it’s a gathering place where leisure blends with the practice of an exciting sport, all in an environment where nature prevails.

That’s why we’re one of the best venues in Tenerife to play golf: at Los Palos, we represent the perfect harmony between sport, family, and the natural environment, where both residents and visitors can enjoy a fantastic offer without age limits and at truly affordable prices.

Know Much More

If you’ve opted for golf instead of minigolf, at Los Palos, we offer you 9 fantastic Par 27 holes set in an environment that harmonizes lush vegetation, water from lakes and streams, as well as many slopes, all in a brilliant design by José María Olazábal, who put a lot of effort into making this course a marvel.

There’s more: you can observe the entire course from a cozy terrace-garden, with a comfortable and pleasant bar-restaurant, perfect for enjoying moments of camaraderie and familiarity, with menus for all tastes and a variety of cocktails.

If you’re looking to play golf in Tenerife, the right place to fully combine sport, family, and nature is the Los Palos Golf Course, located in the municipality of Arona, in the south of the island.