Golf 'Los Palos'


The wooden building has a restaurant/bar with a large terrace and garden, from where you can enjoy the splendid view across the course until sunset.

In addition, the clubhouse contains a conditioned room where you can read international newspapers and watch television and a small golf shop, in which you can buy golfing accessories and souvenirs of the course.

In our restaurant, we offer you a selection of delicious breakfasts in the morning. At lunchtime, we offer you meals for all tastes, freshly cooked by our chef, also set meals or daily specials, which you can enjoy before or after your round of golf.

The sunset after the close of play is the perfect moment for relaxation and adjusting your fluid balance. With our large offer of drinks such as tea, coffee, mixed drinks and cocktails, you can give your sporting day the perfect close.

Course Golf ‘Los Palos'


The ground of the ‘Los Palos’ course is practically level, is ideal for beginners, players who wish to practise short shots or for people who don’t have much time. Agile and dynamic golf courses on which you always have enough space to play. The club never closes, so you can live out your passion at any time.

The complex has a golf school with professional PGA teachers, a driving range (to practise long hits) and chipping and pitching greens (for short strokes), where individual and group teaching is offered in a number of languages. The course was designed by José María Olazábal (Integral Golf Design) and was opened in December 1994 at a place which is very easy to reach and has very pleasant temperatures, mainly without a wind.

We offer you a pleasant golf course, depending on how much time you have, with a 9-hole (1 hour) and an 18-hole course (2¼ hours) and a course on which both beginners and professional players enjoy their game.

(*) The 18-hole course is twice round the 9-hole course.

For golfers’ social responsibility

Take care of the course

Fulfilment of the rules of golf etiquette by players facilitates the game and the relationship to surrounding nature:

  • We ask the players to smooth out the bumps and footmarks created during the game before they leave the bunkers. A rake is available for this in every bunker.
  • We recommend repairing divots, holes made by balls and damage caused by shoes.
  • Use of practice balls on the course and the chipping and putting green is not recommended by the management.
Guidelines of golf etiquette

We request that you pay attention to the guidelines of golf etiquette.

Shoes with metal spikes

The Association of Canary Golf Courses has decided to ban wearing shoes with metal spikes on all golf courses. For this reason, we recommend that you bring suitable shoes with you. If you do not have any, all the golf courses have a service to change the spikes.

Golf 'Los Palos'


On a dry piece of land, where there had been a quarry for a number of years, we imagined creating a place for family leisure-time and sport right in the middle of nature. My passion for the combination of water with the green of nature and the experience which I had gained in my family’s agricultural operations all my life helped me to make this dream come true.

But it was only in 1990 that I was on a golf course which was different with some friends by chance: 9 holes, par 27 in Barcelona. There, I saw that our dream could come true, we discovered that this was a special place: simple, snug, family-friendly, affordable for everyone and surrounded by nature.

Golf 'Los Palos'


We returned to Tenerife, and in December 1994 the “Los Palos” golf course was born from the conviction of combining sport, family and nature, without age limits and at affordable prices. It was a fantastic offer for the inhabitants and also for the visitors to our paradise island.

Today, the “Los Palos” golf course is a reference for starting to play golf, as the course has professional golf teachers, a golf school for children and one of the best training courses on the island. Well-known professional players also come to visit our course.

I particularly express my thanks for the efforts of all those who helped me to make this dream come true: experts, public institutions, cooperation partners and fellow-workers who trust in us today

Responsibility for the environment


Golf enthusiasts are mainly lovers of nature. In our ‘Los Palos’ golf centre, you can learn a lot about the course and its natural surroundings. Coloured information boards give you information about how this natural paradise is maintained and acts as a refuge for many species of wild life.

A good environmental dialogue excels by the fact that it provides information and interesting possibilities of support. There are some things which you can do:

  • Respect the signs about birds’ nesting areas
  • The plants may not be torn out of the ground or trampled on
  • Please dispose of waste in the containers provided for this
  • Use reusable vessels instead of producing waste
  • Reduce packaging waste

You make the difference.